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What is Lynnwrights POMeranian PRO: Groom.Show?

Lynnwrights POMeranian PRO: Groom.Show is multi-chapter, step-by-step grooming instructions for the conformation show Pomeranian or pet owners who are looking to groom their dogs as they are presented at dog shows in the conformation show ring. It is available for purchase for $99.99.

How do I buy Lynnwrights POM PRO: Groom.Show?

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I already bought Lynnwrights POM PRO: Groom.Show — now what?

If you purchased Lynnwrights POM PRO: Groom.Show already, please email us at lynnwrightpoms@gmail.com.

Who is Donna Lynn Wright?

Donna Lynn Wright is a Breeder, Owner, Groomer, and Handler of conformation-quality Pomeranians. Donna has been an all-breed groomer for several decades and owns her own grooming shop in Bel-Air, MD called Burlane’s Cat & Dog Boutique.

Groom.Show isn’t for me, but how do I hear about other offers and events?

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What if my questions were not answered here?

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