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POM PRO: Groom.Show is a step-by-step grooming guide for Pomeranians available for $99.99.

Lynnwrights POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW is a step-by-step grooming guide for Pomeranians.

Includes over FOUR hours of close-up HD video in FIVE easy-to-follow chapters featuring SIX different Pomeranians of coat type and color.


Filmed with a GoPro HD camera located ON the grooming table. Chapters are organized in best-practice order to walk you through an ungroomed to ring-ready Pom!


Five organized chapters in best-practice order walk you completely through an ungroomed Pom to ring-ready!


Six Pomeranians are featured to give you different color and coat texture types to apply to your own Pom.


What customers say about Lynnwrights POM PRO: Groom.Show

Rating: 5 out of 5.

POM PRO is just what I needed! If you’ve ever wished SERIOUSLY to learn how to groom a Pomeranian for the show ring, or just groom your pet like a show dog, this is a great value.

I had two videos that got me started two years ago, but I never felt very confident that I was doing any of it right because of the poor camera angles. I kept joining groups on Facebook, trying to pick up any tips at all that would help.

FINALLY, someone took pity on us poor non-professional newbie groomers who aspire to be better! Thank you, POM PRO: Groom.Show!

Theresa / POM PRO: Groom.Show Member

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve literally BEGGED for training with the show grooming of my Poms for the last SIX YEARS! This is by far, THE BEST TRAINING, I have received!

Poms have so many coat types, thicknesses, colors, stages, issues, seems each Pom NEEDS their own prescription for grooming!! In the show world, Pom grooming is the best-kept secret, I’ve ever come across. Not anymore!!

I think this will give me and my Poms the ticket to competitive grooming skills! We WON’T have to LOOK AMATUER-OWNERS –We can LOOK LIKE PROS!!

Lori / POM PRO: Groom.Show Member

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is packed full of videos that can be watched and re-watched!

The close-ups on trimming the nails are excellent. Several angles are shown for trimming the front and blending in the ruff. The narrative gives you important little nuggets of wisdom that I really appreciate…call them secrets if you like!

My confidence is growing and I plan on watching these videos many times!

Samantha / POM PRO: Groom.Show Member

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I can’t believe Donna took the time to film and groom that many Pomeranians to give examples of coat colors and coat textures while also revealing all of these valuable techniques.

I’ve yearned for this type of clear information for years and I’m so grateful to have finally found it!

Teri / POM PRO: Groom.Show Member

Donna Lynn Wright

Breeder | Groomer | Owner | Handler

Donna Lynn Wright is an internationally-known Breeder, Owner, and Handler of Pomeranians.
Donna is also a professional groomer and owner of a grooming shop.

I have been involved with Pomeranians since 1977.

Over the years I have received more grooming questions than you can imagine. I try to help most who ask, but it’s difficult without them trying it for themselves and with limited time available to me.

In the ’90s, I did an average of 75 or more shows a year; I handled and groomed for many other breeders. Slowly I wanted and needed to concentrate more on my business and on only my Poms and my breeding program. I still groom Poms for other breeders and exhibitors but only handle my own. Grooming has always been my forte and I love it.

GROOM.SHOW is a detailed explanation of what I do to groom a Pom for a show from start to finish. With close-up action and techniques that are easy to see. Included is a supplies list with products and equipment that I used are revealed.

It took me over a year to do the filming and editing of the video, the graphics, writing, and voice-over. It is FIVE Chapters with over FOUR hours of close-up HD video on several different examples of Poms.

Looking at an ungroomed Pom is like looking at a huge slab of wood in my eyes, waiting for me to carve it into something wonderful. A gorgeous Pom can still take my breath away!

I hope you enjoy GROOM.SHOW.