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Donna Lynn Wright – Breeder | Groomer | Owner | Handler

I have been involved with Pomeranians since 1977.

In the 90’s, I did an average of 75 or more shows a year; I handled and groomed for many other breeders. Slowly I wanted and needed to concentrate more on my business and on only my Poms and my breeding program. I still groom for other breeders and exhibitors but only handle my own. The grooming has always been my forte and I love it.

Over the years I have received more grooming questions than you can imagine. I try to help most who ask, but it’s difficult without them trying it for themselves and with limited time available to me.

GROOM.SHOW is a detailed explanation of what I do to groom a Pom for show from start to finish. With close-up action and techniques that are easy to see. Included is a supplies list with products and equipment that I used are revealed.

It took me over a year to do the filming and editing of the video, the graphics, writing and voice over. It is FIVE Chapters with over FOUR hours of close-up HD video on several different examples of Poms.

Looking at an un groomed Pom is like looking at a huge slab of wood in my eyes, waiting for me to carve it into something wonderful. A gorgeous Pom can still take my breath away!

I hope you enjoy GROOM.SHOW.

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